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Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.A guy was convicted at trial for homicide when someone rushed him with a lead pipe - it took the Virginia appeals court to throw out the conviction.They believe (in error) they are entering a home they are welcome to enter.

A list of Castle Doctrine for each state. the common law of this state applies except that the duty to retreat before using deadly force is not required if an.Alarm systems, deadbolts, and extra security measures will aid in the presumption that this person who has invaded your home will stop at nothing to harm you or your loved ones.Missouri House Proposes Expansion of Concealed Carry, Castle Doctrine.EDIT: As it turns out, you guys made me do more research on castle doctrine.Any judge or lawyer who disagrees should be deported to a high-crime neighborhood with highly restrictive laws on self-defense.Edit 2: What I have written above are the standards that VA commonwealth attorneys (prosecutors), investigators, and trial courts will utilize when determining whether someone acted in self defense.I am planning on moving to VA in a couple months but I dont know that much about the gun laws there.However, this is a comprehensive view of Virginia case law that I think fellow Virginians and non-Virginians should find useful and interesting.

Fuck the home invader for putting you in that position, they deserve death, IMO.

Thus, instead of affording the UNLIKELY harm with legal protection (accidental killing), we afford the the LIKELY harm with legal protection (person entering your house to do harm), and preserve what has been deemed a fundamental right.Moreover, there was another appellate case where a boyfriend threatened his girlfriend all night, with violent gestures and words.Does Virginia share concealed carry permit reciprocity with Missouri.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — After an impassioned debate, the Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday approved legislation that would make sweeping changes to the.Castle Doctrine: Limited to real property, such as your home, yard, or private.

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If he turns and runs, never shoot him in the back, you have already accomplished your goal.

If someone breaks into my home while I am there, they stand a very good chance of getting put down.

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An actual castle doctrine law greatly expands the protections that are afforded to the resident.As some of you have pointed out, this will obviously differ based on the facts of the situation, where in Virginia the deadly force was used, and other factors.Get the critical advantage you need to outsmart the common criminal with Concealed Carry Magazine and thousands of member-only articles, books, and videos. 5. From.There are a great number of ways you can do this in regards to your home.It just means you have no duty to retreat in your own dwelling.This lesson discusses the concept known as the Castle Doctrine.

SHAMOKIN DAM — Pennsylvania gun laws, including concealed carry permits, use of force, justification, stand your ground, and the Castle Doctrine were all topics.

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For more info on and pending legislation that may affect this favorably or unfavorably Francisco Bay View 4917 Third St., San Francisco CA 94124, (415) 671-0789,...Unless they think that you have something very much worth stealing, like in cases such as the Indianapolis Mass Murder where the suspects entire reasoning for robbing the house was because they thought the owner had large amounts of cash and jewelry on hand (believed to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range, in a shithole neighborhood).

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Why should being drunk and walking into the wrong house be a crime punishable by death.